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Website Security Brand In The World

symantec safe site anti malware

Symantec Safe Site

Dynamic Norton Security Seal

Daily Website Scan For Malware

Norton symbol in search engines.

Very Simple To Acquire & Install

Fully Business Validated Site Seal

100% Mobile & Browser Compatible

Small Investment Leads To Safe Site

The Symantec Safe Site allows your business to display the most trusted site seal in the world on your website. The Norton Secure Seal is displayed all over the web more than a half a billion times a day across 170 countries. This product comes with daily malware scanning and Symantec’s Seal-in-Search technology, which display the popular Norton symbol next to your URL in search engines. The Safe Site can be read across virtually all major browsers and mobile devices.

symantec safe site price plan

Save 20% Compared To Vendor Pricing 

Buy New or Renew @ £216 Per Year

According to Yahoo Finance: Norton Symantec is Recognized by 77% of online consumers, more than any other trust mark. Norton Secured Seal provides further assurance to businesses that their customers’ online information is protected at all stages of their engagement online.

  • Symantec Safe Site Is A Fully Business Validated Site Seal
  • Authentication Of Your Organization And Website
  • Symantec Security Seal In Search Bar

Symantec™ Safe Site is a great solution for website owners that don’t necessarily need encryption on their site, but still want to influence website visitors’ faith by authenticating your business.

  • Daily Website Malware Scanning
  • Improved Web Site Conversions And Traffic
  • Norton™ Daily Website Anti-Malware Scanning
  • Seal-in-Search™ Maximizes Clicks and Conversions

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